Bridal Shower Party Advice

The bridal shower is the prewedding party organized by the bridesmaids or close female friends. Its purpose is to shower the bride with good wishes. Obviously, the bride is the center of attention at the bridal shower. Although it should not matter who is hosting organizing the event, traditionally, family was discouraged from hosting bridal showers, because it may look like they are digging for gifts.

There is no rule on who is to host the shower. The bridesmaids, friends, or family usually hosts it. The place of the party is usually someone’s house, but bridal showers can be held at restaurants. One of the most important aspect of planning a successful bridal shower is to only invite guest who will be invited to the wedding too. Anyone invited to the shower would have every right to be expecting an invitation to the wedding. To avoid embarrassing mistakes, always consult the bride and key decision makers about the guest list.

The bridal shower, just like your wedding, should be on a day that is easy to attend. Therefore, Saturday is probably the best day to have the party. It enables your guests to attend. The bridal shower should be close to the wedding day but not less than a couple of weeks before.

Bridal shower favors are an important part of the event. Some of the most popular bridal shower favors are personalized chocolates, or personalized bath gels. If you have a beach theme bridal shower, your favors can compliment it. For example, dolphin wine stoppers, or seashell candles are very popular beach bridal shower favor ideas.

Written invitations are not mandatory. Most people have an e-mail address, so einvitations may be the most cost effective option.

If the party is at someone’s home, usually finger food is served. Pizza is another popular choice of food. Bridal showers are informal event, and you don’t need to make a big fuss about the food.

Bridal Shower Invitations

A bridal shower is a great event leading up to the wedding where wedding attendants offer gifts and celebration to the bride and groom. There are lots of things you can bring to a bridal shower to have a wonderful time. The bridal shower invitations themselves are a huge part of the shower. But there are some traditional guidelines for invitations that should be followed. The bridal shower is typically thrown by the maid of honor, unless other arrangements have been made. Whoever the host may be, it is important to be familiar with the traditions.

Who should be invited to the bridal shower? A bridal shower can be just a women’s event or can be co-ed. It is up to the bride ultimately and whoever is hosting the shower should check with the bride. Typically the bride will invite all the women who are invited to the wedding, as well as the bridesmaids, mothers, and grandmothers.

Where should be the location of the bridal shower? Typically the shower is held at the house of the maid of honor, or at a restaurant. Again, the host should check with the bride to see what is most convenient for guests and family. Some showers are long distance, where everyone meets without the guest of honor who may be in another location. The guests call the bride and describe the gifts and then wrap them up to await the brides arrival before the wedding. If the bridal shower is to be held at a restaurant, previous arrangements should be made with guests about payment, and with the restaurant for reservations.

Should you request an RSVP for the bridal shower? It depends on the type of party and type of setting. If it is important to have an accurate head count for the caterer, and RSVP is necessary. If it is more casual type of shower, RSVP may not be needed. This is completely up to the host.

When should the bridal shower be held? Bridal showers are typically held two weeks before the wedding. However, with people having to travel long distances, it is sometime more convenient to have the shower a day or two before the wedding so everyone is able to attend. Having the bridal shower sometime before the wedding gives the bride and bridesmaids more time to prepare the week before the wedding.

What is the theme? There are lots of themes for bridal showers. And invitations can be made to incorporate any of these themes. Whether it be lingerie, kitchen, hardware, there are invitations to coordinate with any theme. The theme of the invitation should also reflect the style and personality of the bride.

For the maid of honor, the bridal shower can be the biggest task before the wedding. All these factors are very important when choosing invitations for the bridal shower. Choosing the right bridal shower invitations that coordinate with the theme, and sending them at the right time is a great way to start a perfect bridal shower. And choosing all the right information to include in the invitation is just as important. And sending them to the right people will make the bride happy.

Bridal Shower Games Ideas

So, your marriage is on the cards? It is time for a Bridal Shower Party! At the bridal shower party, family and friends will give gifts and lots of blessings for you.

The origin of the bridal shower is quite interesting and can be traced back to Holland. It is an old story which states that a Dutch girl fell in love with a miller who was very poor. When she told her father, he forbade their marriage. So the young lady decided to marry the miller and stayed with him, despite his poverty. As the neighbors heard about the news of them nearly starving, they came with help. They showered gifts and money on the newly married couple. From the money and gifts showered to the couple, they set up a good home and a good life for themselves. Since then, this tradition of bridal showers has been in practice. Though, today the celebrations of bridal shower are grand and all full of gaiety.

No bridal shower celebration is complete without bridal shower games. These games will add life to your party and keep the guests entertained.

Bridal shower games really get the party going. You can even be creative while setting the games for your bridal shower party. In fact the more bridal shower games you play the better. With today’s tradition of inviting friends, work colleagues and family members to a bridal shower, games can be great way to break the ice for people who don’t know each other.

Who Am I Bridal Shower Game
The game “Who Am I” adds smiles and vitality to the whole party with the added benefit of being a great first icebreaker.

To play this game, all you have to do is to prepare some index cards. On each card write a name of a famous personality. As soon as the guests arrive, attach a card to everyone’s back. Attach them in such a way that the guest is not able to see it, while the others can. Then start the real test. The guests have to ask each other for the clues, so that that they can know the name attached to their back. The first person to identify the correct name is the winner.

The Wedding Alphabet Game
The Wedding Alphabet Game is really fun. The game involves a combination of wit and intelligence. The game is simple; the host initiates the game by describing a wedding item, ritual or tradition starting from the letter ‘A’. They will include in their sentence the item or the culture starting from ‘A’. The next guest adds another item or anything after that sentence starting from ‘B’. This game continues as the sentences keep on building. If a person is unable to add an item of the letter they get, they drop out. The guest who stays longest wins the game.

Caught In the Middle Game
The bridal shower game “Caught in the Middle” promises to bring loads of laughter and activity to the party. The game is quite simple. Everybody is made to sit in a circle, then a bag is provided to one guest. As the music plays on, the guest has to pass it over to the other guest. This passing goes on till the music continues. As soon as the music stops, the one with the bag in their hand gets caught in the middle. As a penalty, they are asked to perform a dance, an imitation, a mono act or anything. This bridal shower game adds excitement to the party. It also brings out the latent talent of every guest that gets caught in the middle.

Charades is widely known and played all over the world. This game can be played anywhere and everywhere. The game involves intelligence and recognition power. There are two teams made out of the guests. One member of each team has to perform a mono act on the name of the actor or a movie given secretly to him. The guest only has to perform and not speak. The name of the character or the movie has to be guessed by his team. Within a time frame, if any team member guesses the correct name, his team gets a point. In the end the team with maximum points is declared as a winner.

These are just a few ideas for bridal shower games to help create a great mood for the bridal shower party. They can add excitement and joy to the whole party and are a good way to get everyone involved, as there will no doubt be guests who don’t know each other. So, get your party started with lots of bridal shower games.

Bridal Shower Countdown

The most important first lesson about having the best possible bridal shower is careful party planning. If your bridal shower is carefully planned, it will be not only more organized but a world of fun. Paying attention to details is what makes a great bridal shower. If you treat your bridal shower just like any other project, you have a good chance of making it a success. Proper planning is the most important first step to take toward a great bridal shower.

The following list can serve as a simple outline for your overall bridal shower planning. Follow the outline to help plan the bridal shower. Be sure to check or underline each completed task, so you can concentrate on the incomplete items. It is also helpful to use actual dates to meet your deadlines.

First steps

· The most important first step is to select the appropriate date and time. Be sure to check with the most important participants, and make sure the date works for everyone.
· Set your budget
· Select the place (A favorite restaurant is a great location, but a friends house works on a limited budget.)
· Prepare your guest list

Five to six weeks prior the bridal shower

· Select method of invitations (You can save money by sending e-invitations.)
· Make a decision about the shower theme

One month prior to the bridal shower date

· Send out the shower invitations
· Decide on food (Select caterer or restaurant if you wish to use one)
· Research bridal shower keepsake favors

Two weeks before the bridal shower

· Based on RSVPs from the invited bridal shower guests make final arrangements regarding food and other planned activities

Last minute preparations

· Contact caterer or restaurant (if you use one) to make sure they are ready for the shower party
· Put together any accessories you plan to use for the bridal shower
· Wrap gifts
· Make sure a video recorder and cameras are available to record the bridal shower

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